Shaping the agenda with data - the impact of corruption on women

While many forms of corruption affect both women and men, corruption disproportionately affects vulnerable populations, including women. Women experience corruption in their daily lives particularly in their role as primary caretakers of their families and are subject to some of its forms, like sextortion. As such, corruption stands in the way of women‘s full access to their civic, social and economic rights and hinders their access to leadership positions in the political sphere. Thus, working to end corruption is essential to empower women and reduce existing gender disparities. 

Recognizing the need to collect, analyze and disseminate gender disaggregated data in order to accurately inform and implement effective public policies, Transparency International (TI) and UN Women have partnered with the aim of generating more robust data and analysis on the topic. TI’s upcoming edition of the Latin America and the Caribbean of the Global Corruption Barometer (GCB), for instance, will include an analysis on how women and men experience and perceive corruption in 17 Latin-American and Caribbean countries. Questions on specific forms of corruption affecting women were for the first time included in the survey that compiles the data for the GCB.  

This high-level event marks an important milestone in TI’s roadmap towards strengthening its focus on gender and corruption, introducing also the valuable partnership with UN Women on gender-related themes. During the event, TI will present an analysis on the topic based on the results obtained from the GCB for Latin America and the Caribbean and there will be two panel discussion on regional perspectives on gender and corruption and on national level strategies to mainstream a gender perspective in the fight against corruption. 


  • Present and discuss the gender analysis of the results of the GCB for Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Raise awareness about the impact of corruption on women and advocate for taking greater action to tackle this issue.
  • Mobilize new actors toward action and create bridges and synergies between stakeholders in the fields of anti-corruption and women’s rights.
  • Provide a networking opportunity for regional stakeholders working in the field and generate new partnerships

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This event is funded by Global Affairs Canada

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Hyatt Centric Guatemala City
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Shaping the agenda with data - the impact of corruption on women

24 September 2019
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24 September 2019
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Mikel Oleaga, Anne Liedloff

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