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Regular payments policy


Supporting Transparency International regularly provides a steady and cost-effective source of income to be able to plan our work in the fight against corruption.

Because your monthly donation is processed automatically, you help us reduce our costs - which allows us to spend more on delivering projects and activities around the world.

As a regular donor you will commit to a monthly or yearly donation. After your initial donation, future donations will be charged every month or year respectively to your credit card. For example, if you choose to make a monthly donation of €25 today, your next donation of €25 will be automatically charged to your account in exactly one month to the day, and each subsequent month thereafter.

To cancel your monthly donation at any time, please email us on [email protected]

Regular payments
Payments will be charged to your preferred credit card account on the same day each month or year respectively. You will receive an annual statement by mail with all your payment details in the first quarter (January–March) of every year.

Credit Card
Please maintain a sufficient credit limit on your credit card on the payment date. If we are unable to process your gift you will be notified.

Record of payments
The amount and date of your regular gift will appear on your credit card statement.

Account/donation change
To ensure timely payments, please notify us of any credit card updates or address changes (see below).

For any questions involving your monthly donation, please email us on [email protected]