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Anti-Corruption Agency Strengthening Initiative

Who’s involved - Anti-Corruption Agency Strengthening Initiative

The ACA Strengthening Initiative kicked off in the Asia Pacific region and is being managed from our secretariat in Berlin by the Asia Pacific Department, in partnership with our national chapter in Bangladesh. Assessments, outreach and advocacy are implemented by Transparency International’s partners, contacts or accredited chapters in country in collaboration with ACAs. In some cases ACAs have committed a portion of their own budget to fund the initiative. In such cases a public memorandum of understanding is signed to define roles clearly and confirm the full independence of the assessment. Assessments themselves are carried out by Transparency International staff or independent consultants with expertise in anti-corruption and governance, and follow a consistent, robust and externally validated indicator framework.

The pilot assessment of the initiative took place in Bhutan in mid-2015, and our national chapters in Bangladesh, Indonesia, the Maldives, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Taiwan (Republic of China) carried out assessments of their respective ACAs between 2015-17.

National Chapters involved