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Private sector support

Businesses worldwide have a clear responsibility, profound self-interest and great potential to assume a vital role in the fight against corruption. Bribery and graft not only affect companies’ ability to operate efficiently, but prevent the benefits of private-sector investment from reaching vulnerable populations and contributing to sustainable development. All societal actors, including businesses, benefit when corruption falls.

Transparency International engages in partnerships with companies that seek to demonstrate their commitment to integrity by supporting the fight against corruption at the national or international level. We believe that such collaboration levels the playing field for business and enables companies to set an example for profitable and ethical operations.

Why support anti-corruption?

Clean Business is Good Business
Illicit financial flows, including corruption, bribery, theft and tax evasion, cost developing countries up to US$1.3 trillion per year. A business environment free of corruption allows companies to compete fairly, reduces risk and creates a more stable investment environment.

Levelling the Playing Field
Companies that adhere to the highest standards of integrity should not be penalised for doing so. Transparency International promotes national and international standards that allow companies operating with integrity to rise to the top.

Corporate Responsibility
Transparency International believes the ethical commitment that underpins corporate responsi¬bility cannot be fully realised without a commit¬ment to prevent bribery and corruption.
Corruption profoundly affects the environment in which companies do business. At the country level, corruption stifles economic growth and discourages foreign investment. At the commu¬nity level, corruption prevents vulnerable popula¬tions from accessing education, food, water and medicines.

For more information or to begin a support partnership, contact [email protected]

Support options

Join the Business Integrity Forum
The Business Integrity Forum connects businesses with Transparency International’s global tools, indices and expertise in fighting corruption worldwide. Members receive information on anti-corruption developments around the world, access to Transparency International events and opportunities for engagement with national chapters.

Support Transparency International Programmes
Transparency International conducts research and local engagement on a number of issues related to the impact of corruption around the world. Current Transparency International programmes include Climate Governance Integrity, Business Integrity, People Empowerment and more.

Support Global Measurement Tools
The Corruption Perceptions Index, the Bribe Payers Survey and the Global Corruption Barometer highlight corruption around the world for the private and public sectors. Global Measurement Tools supporters contribute to the production, launch and dissemination of Transparency International’s flagship tools.

Since the first publication of the Corruption Perceptions Index in 1995, Transparency International has set the world standard in global corruption research. Transparency International’s global measurement tools are widely used by companies and governments in developing global strategies, and are the foundation of Transparency International’s outreach and influence in the public and private sector.

Global Anti-Corruption Partnership
Global Anti-Corruption Partners commit not only to supporting Transparency International’s work around the world, but to raising awareness in the business community to the wider effects of corruption. Global Anti-Corruption Partnerships are built around a commitment to integrity that extends to suppliers, partners and industry peers.

Support a Local Chapter
Many Transparency International chapters have their own options for engagement and support from the private sector. Contact [email protected] for information on support options in your country context.

Supporters and partners

Current supporters:

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.



Siemens AG (Siemens Integrity Initiative)

Business Principles Steering Committee Corporate Members:

Norsk Hydro

Sanlam Life Insurance Limited

Stora Enso Oyj