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Transparency International to conduct National Integrity System assessment in Curaçao

Transparency International (TI), the global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption, will carry out research in Curaçao using its National Integrity System assessment, which has been applied in close to 100 countries around the world since 2001.

A National Integrity System assessment evaluates the principal institutions and actors that form a state, including all branches of government, the media, the public and private sectors, and civil society. The purpose of such a study is to identify the risk factors in a given country that foster corruption as well as medium and long term solutions to help reduce those risks.

Transparency International will carry out the research in Curaçao in dialogue with key actors from across all bodies of government, civil society and the private sector. “National Integrity System assessments are an excellent opportunity to open political and technical dialogue around good governance and transparency reforms in a country. The aim of these assessments is to create a foundation for institutional reform leading to better policies and more efficient action“, said Alejandro Salas, Transparency International’s Regional Director for the Americas.

The report – to be published independently by Transparency International – will contain evidence-based findings and will be based on input from across the political, social and economic spectrum. Anti-corruption recommendations will be generated for Curaçao’s key institutions and actors.

Note to editors: For more information on National Integrity System assessments and to see examples of country reports, please visit Transparency International’s website here. These assessments do not investigate specific corruption scandals or allegations but rather look at the underlying causes of corruption.

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