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Transparency International Russia statement on Alexey Navalny

Over the past 24 hours, the attention of Russia and international community has been focused on the return of the head of the Anti-Corruption Foundation, Alexey Navalny, to Russia. During his stay in Germany for treatment, Russian law enforcement and investigative bodies, having failed to make proper efforts to investigate his poisoning, announced a number of repressive measures against the politician himself.

Alexey Navalny has earned public trust through his efforts to expose and counter corruption. The reaction of Russian society to what is happening with Navalny serves as yet another confirmation of how acute and painful the problem of corruption is for our country.

It is quite obvious that the statements and actions of the Russian authorities over the course of not only the last 24 hours, but the entire time since Navalny's poisoning, have little to do with how justice should work in our country.

Transparency International Russia urges the authorities of the Russian Federation to be guided not by considerations of political expediency, but by the principles of justice and the rule of law.

We hope that Alexey Navalny will be free in the very near future and will be able to return to anti-corruption activities.

Russian version available on the TI Russia website

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