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Transparency International fully supports important whistleblowing work at FYR Macedonia chapter

Transparency International supports the work on whistleblower protection in its chapter TI Macedonia. As the global movement against corruption we expose corruption wherever we find it. We campaign to bring those responsible to justice.

Whistleblower protection is essential to expose wrong-doing and should be protected by the law. Currently FYR Macedonia does not have whistleblower protection laws and TI Macedonia has been contributing to the debate to introduce such laws.

Such changes would protect all whistleblowers and support a free press and civil society.

Elena Panfilova, Vice Chair of Transparency International said: “Corruption rots everything it touches. It takes away human rights and makes the people pay. Whistleblowers who act in good faith to bring cases of corruption to justice should be protected regardless of their political views.

“We do not take sides in politics. As a movement in more than 100 countries we support our colleagues in FYR Macedonia in fighting corruption.”

In 2013 Transparency International published its International Principles for Whistleblower Legislation.

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