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TI Australia disappointed with billboard rejection ahead of G20 in Brisbane

Transparency International Australia (TIA) is disappointed its billboard was rejected as being ‘too political’ for display at the Brisbane Airport during the G20 period.

At a media briefing at Parliament House in Canberra (Tuesday 4th November) TI Senior Advocate Maggie Murphy said she did not believe the message should be problematic since corruption issue is a major agenda item at the G20. Leaders are considering adopting a new Anti-Corruption action plan and tough measures on ‘beneficial ownership’ designed to stop secret companies being easily established. If corruption was an industry it would be the world’s 3rd largest.

TIA believes that unless anti-corruption measures are enhanced, the G20 won’t be able to meet its ambitious growth and infrastructure goals. TIA says corruption hurts all around the world, the poor and the rich and is ‘bad for business’.

Australia itself has pushed the anti-corruption message during the G20 period Ms Murphy said. The TIA billboard designed for the G20 stated: “Dirty money not welcome here. G20 it’s time to act ".

TI is currently running an international campaign on anti-corruption titled: Unmask the Corrupt.

“We would hope all political parties would agree with this message.” Michael Ahrens the Executive Director of TIA said. “Australia has done a lot to put corruption firmly on the agenda,” he said.

Maggie Murphy and Michael Ahrens are available for interviews.

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