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Solidarity with Indonesian anti-corruption commission

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) is a vital pillar of rule of law and anti-corruption in Indonesia, Transparency International (TI) affirmed today, following reports of explosive devices being discovered at the home of KPK Chair Agus Rahardjo and Deputy Chair Laode Muhammed Syarif this morning.

According to media reports, a Molotov cocktail-like device was discovered outside Syarif’s home, and a pipe bomb was found outside the home of Rahardjo. TI welcomes statements from Indonesian police that a special anti-terror team is being formed to bring those responsible for the incidents to justice, and called for authorities to ensure a full and thorough investigation takes place.

“This threat upon the lives of two KPK leaders is part of ongoing pattern of physical violence and threats against the KPK which should be roundly condemned by all those concerned with the security and prosperity of Indonesia,” said Delia Ferreira Rubio, Chair of Transparency International. “Especially in an election year with rule of law and corruption high on the agenda, it is essential that the KPK is able to carry out its activities without fear or intimidation.”

Transparency International additionally notes with concern that there has so far been no progress in bringing the perpetrators of a 2017 acid attack on Novel Baswedan, a KPK senior investigator, to justice.

Together with Transparency International Indonesia, TI appeals for Indonesian media and civil society not to let threats and attacks against KPK be ignored. As Laode M. Syarif has previously said, “the best protection of an anti-corruption agency is support from the public.”

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