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Media advisory: Press accreditation for 2020 international anti-corruption conference is now open

World’s largest anti-corruption conference to be held in Seoul, Republic of Korea, 2 – 5 June 2020.

Media accreditation for the 19th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) is now open. Founded in 1983, the IACC is the world’s premier global forum bringing together heads of state, civil society, businesses and government officials to tackle the increasingly sophisticated challenges posed by corruption.

The 19th edition of the IACC in Seoul, Republic of Korea, 2 – 5 June, is themed: “Designing 2030: Truth, Trust & Transparency.” Over 1500 participants from 135 countries will participate in discussions, workshops and plenary sessions covering:

  • Strategic Paths Towards a Positive Future

How will the next decade look? What tools and coalitions needed to meet its challenges?

  • New Transparency Standards for Peace and Social Justice

The rise of populism and extremism are eroding good governance. A sharp decrease in privacy and civic space poses further threats still. How can the anti-corruption community respond?

  • Breaking Vicious Cycles of Dirty Money and Impunity

Tax havens and anonymous companies enable corrupt financial flows, allowing corruption, environmental crimes, trafficking, and organized crime to thrive with impunity. What strategies are needed to disrupt the cycle?

  • Defending the Truth

Whistleblowers, data leaks and investigative journalism have changed the anti-corruption fight. Yet we also need to identify strategies to counteract tech-based mass manipulation and fake news.

  • Restoring Trust by Collective Action

New and stronger alliances are needed to reinvigorate integrity policies and strategies.

  • Common Efforts to Advance Social Justice

What progress has been made towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and how can it be accelerated?

Confirmed participants include:

  • Moon Jae-in, President, Republic of Korea
  • Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
  • Delia Ferreira Rubio, Chair, Transparency International
  • Sanjay Pradhan, CEO, Open Government Partnership
  • Beverley McLachlin, Former Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Canada
  • Patrick Alley, Founder and Director, Global Witness
  • Barbara Trionfi, Executive Director, International Press Institute

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For more details about the IACC, go to

Transparency International Press Office
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