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Media advisory: OECD countries fail to keep promise to stop companies bribing abroad

Some of the world’s biggest exporting nations are still not living up to commitments to stop their companies from paying bribes to win business abroad, according to a new report from Transparency International to be released 20th August 2015.

Exporting Corruption Progress Report 2015: Assessing Enforcement of the OECD Convention on Combating Foreign Bribery quantifies how many of the 41 countries signed up to the Convention are actively enforcing it.

The Convention was designed to tackle the ‘supply side’ of cross-border corruption. Signatories are legally bound to investigate, prosecute and punish companies who bribe officials in foreign countries, a practice that undermines development, distorts markets and costs taxpayers.

The 11th edition of Transparency International’s yearly progress report will show that a significant number of countries have failed to prosecute a single foreign bribery case during the last four years assessed by the report. National-level sections will discuss inadequacies in countries' legal frameworks and practice and recent developments, as well as make specific recommendations.

The report will be available at on Thursday, 20 August 2015 at 00.01am Berlin time.

Please contact us for an embargoed copy of the report or to set up an interview in advance.

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