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Kenya: “Kikulacho: The Bite Within”. The film every Kenyan must see

Transparency International-Kenya has today launched a documentary film that depicts the dark underbelly of corruption, and the impact it has had on Kenya since independence. The film titled ‘Kikulacho: The Bite Within’ directed by Murad Rayani and produced by A24 Media, also highlights Kenya’s flawed electoral system and undemocratic elections; inequitable allocation of land and landlessness; weak institutions of governance and poor leadership; and the constitutional review process. It uses a powerful, historical archive, interviews with key individuals that served in government and other critical observers including the public to tell the story of corruption in Kenya.

“It is also a story of hope and triumph that aims to look at how our institutions and leadership can be shaped by the people themselves to realise their dreams,” said the TI-Kenya Executive Director, Samuel Kimeu during the launch of the documentary.

Premiering just three weeks before the constitutional referendum, the film will be used for civic education with its call to action to citizens to actively participate in decision-making processes including the referendum and the 2012 elections. A TV broadcast, two free screenings at Silverbird Westgate on July 16th to 17th, 2010 and mobile film screenings across the country are among the platforms to be used to widely disseminate the film.

The film also aims to provide an impetus for debate and dialogue on governance issues, and act as a springboard for the Kenyan public to: Make a difference in their communities; have a say in issues that affect their lives, and take responsibility for the future of Kenya

“Transparency International-Kenya hopes that all Kenyans will view this documentary and act to stamp out the attitude of helplessness and apathy towards corruption. Accountability and transparency requires an active role by the public. Kenyans’ power to take charge, change their destiny and shape a better Kenya lies with their votes,” said the TI-Kenya Board Chair, Dr Richard Leakey.

The David Munyakei Fund

TI-Kenya and TI-Ireland have also launched a fund in aid of the family of the late David Munyakei. The late Munyakei was an official in the Central Bank of Kenya who played a pivotal role in exposing the Goldenberg scandal in 1994. He was awarded with the prestigious Transparency International Integrity Award in 2004, but he and his young family continued to live in poverty until his demise in 2006. The family has, since his death in 2006, struggled to make ends meet. The fund aims to cater for their basic needs as well assist his widow to start a hairdressing business. TI-Kenya invites well-wishers to contribute towards the fund.

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