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International aid organisations must respect humanitarian standards in Ukraine response

Transparency International Ukraine calls on donors and humanitarian agencies to ensure their response is based on humanitarian principles and accountable to those in need.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has created a grievous humanitarian crisis, displacing 10.5 million people and leaving 13 million in need of aid within the country. As more is uncovered about the abuses faced by the Ukrainian people, it is all the more critical that agencies provide aid effectively.

Humanitarian agencies have thus far received only 54 per cent of the US$1.1 billion requested by the UN flash appeal – a number which is likely to be increased based on growing needs. Of the US$610 million raised, donors and agencies have provided little detail on where exactly funds are going.

To ensure an effective and adequate response, all humanitarian agencies working in Ukraine should follow the United Nations humanitarian principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence in their programmes. Organisations must provide transparent and easily accessible records of the received funds, where they are being spent and their impact, as well as implement accountability mechanisms so that aid reaches those in need.

Andrii Borovyk, CEO of Transparency International Ukraine said:

“We call on all organisations to be transparent and accountable to their donors and – most importantly, the people of Ukraine – by adopting the core humanitarian principle of managing resources efficiently and ethically. No humanitarian response can be considered adequate without robust accountability and integrity mechanisms.”