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Fight against corruption, citizens’ rights must be protected during political crisis in Peru

Transparency International is concerned about the political crisis and uncertainty in Peru arising from the removal of President Vizcarra from office on Monday. The consequent concentration of power between the Executive and the Legislature threatens guarantees of transparency and accountability and could increase the conditions of impunity that facilitate large-scale corruption.

The Interim Executive and internal security forces must protect the public’s right to peacefully protest recent developments, and comply with international human rights standards for the control of demonstrations. Through Proetica (TI Peru), Transparency International is following the progress of corruption investigations and insists that these must be maintained and lead to the corresponding sanctions, with due process. We reject the use of the fight against corruption, a legitimate demand of Peruvians, for subordinate ends.

Delia Ferreira Rubio, Chair of Transparency International, said: “The public have the right to voice their legitimate grievances over the way the President was removed from office. Furthermore, the fight against corruption should never be subordinated to party-political purposes, nor abused to extent impunity to those under suspicion of corruption and wrongdoing.”

Transparency International reiterates the recent demands of Proetica, its national chapter in Peru. In particular, elections scheduled for April 2021 must not be delayed, and investigations against parliamentarians and other officials must continue with full speed and effectiveness.

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