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Corruption Watch relaunches its website

Corruption Watch is pleased to announce the relaunch of its website, today. Since its launch in 2012, the website has firmly established itself as the main source of information and port of call for members of the public wishing to report incidents of corruption.

The decision to redesign the website to create a fresher and more dynamic experience for users was motivated by the way in which society and technology is evolving, coupled with the organisation’s increasing emphasis on the involvement of the youth in its work.

Since 2012, Corruption Watch has attracted over 600 000 visits to the site, which has resulted in various website pages being viewed over a million times for the past three years. The website traffic has also been abetted by the organisation forthcoming social media presence which includes over 105 000 subscribers on Mxit, over 62 000 followers on Twitter, 13 000 fans on Facebook and 573 members on CW’s online community platform, Corruption Watch Connected. The growth in support can also be attributed to the organisation’s increased presence in the media. As of 2012 the organisation has received over 8 000 media clips across broadcast, online and print media.

“Corruption Watch is all about transparency and public communication. It’s what we preach and it’s what we practice. To this end, we have invested heavily in digital communications technology and in social media platforms. Our media data tell us that this has been a highly successful strategy and given rapidly increasing internet penetration and already extensive mobile penetration this approach is generating increasing dividends,” commented David Lewis, executive director of Corruption Watch.

The main objective of the new-look site is to improve the ease of navigation and allow users to get to the information they need within one or two clicks. The site has also been designed to function on personal devices like smart phones and tablets. It offers improved functionality and will enable users to swiftly find current and informative content on the work that Corruption Watch does, while also guaranteeing a safe and secure platform for whistleblowers to report corruption.

Furthermore, the new site will encourage active citizenry by affording users the opportunity to get involved in the fight against corruption. The content-rich site has been organised into comprehensive categories such as “News and Views”, “Learn about Corruption” and “Take Action”. In addition, the bold images and styling, the work of creative partner Nicework, will be complemented by an increase in visual content, including videos, infographics and animation.

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