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Legal entity for WIN to be formed

In 2006, the Water Integrity Network (WIN) was founded by a group of water sector organisations (IRC, SIWI and WSP-AF) and Transparency International (TI) to respond to growing concerns about corruption in the water sector. During the early “incubation” years of WIN, TI has been hosting the organisation and representing it legally. WIN is now reaching a degree of maturity and the time has come for WIN and the WIN Secretariat to become legally independent, as envisaged in its global strategy 2011-2016.

At its meeting in The Hague on 4 June 2013, the WIN International Steering Committee (ISC) discussed the future governance of the Water Integrity Network with donors and staff representatives and on basis of advice from Transparency International. It was decided that establishing a German Association (eingetragener Verein, e.V.) would best serve WIN’s interests for a sustainable future. An action plan to implement this decision will be decided shortly, with a view to starting the new entity by January 2014. The WIN Secretariat will be in close contact with its stakeholders to consult on the implementation process. The ISC will continue to support the WIN and the WIN Secretariat during the transition to the new entity in full confidence that this will ensure its success in building integrity and fighting corruption in the water sector in the years to come.

For any press enquiries please contact

Alexandra Malmqvist
Programme Coordinator – Communication & Advocacy, Water Integrity Network (WIN)
[email protected]