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Kosovo is lagging behind in the fight against corruption

Kosova Democratic Institute (KDI) / Transparency International Kosova (TIK) held a press conference, where it published a report regarding the Feasibility Study for Kosovo by European Commission. According to KDI representatives, the feasibility study published three days ago by the European Commission clearly states that Kosovo needs concrete results in the fight against corruption and not just words and empty statements. KDI notes that the feasibility study should be carefully scrutinized and not be a green light to persuade people about the integration processes.

KDI believes that Kosovo has many more challenges and tasks ahead. "For us, this study and the fight against corruption point to a tough road ahead, which will be very difficult to achieve, due to the involvement of politicians in corrupt practices," said Merita Mustafa during the media conference.

According to KDI, concrete results in the fight against corruption are not being achieved because there is a lack of political will of the holders of institutions, lack of independence of the competent institutions, staff recruitment on the basis of nepotism, and weak institutional capacity which are responsible for combating organized crime and corruption. The European Commission has called on Kosovar authorities to draft a comprehensive and effective new strategy to fight corruption. Further proof of the government’s failure to fight corruption is their inability to draft a strategy to properly address the problem of corruption. Other illustrations which show that the government is not willing to fight corruption, is the new law for enhanced powers for the confiscation of property obtained by illegal means. When carefully scrutinized, this law does not just deter crime and corruption, but legitimizes it by giving amnesty to all those who have achieved great wealth illegally, "said Mustafa.

According to Mustafa, today more than ever, credible reports, local and international, provide evidence of the widespread presence of organized crime, high level of corruption and economic crime in Kosovo. Because of the inability of Kosovar institutions to deal with these developments, Mustafa stated that” Kosovo is already ranked among the most corrupt countries in the world, with a very difficult environment to do business, a state with a significant lack of rule of law and a high level of unemployment.”

KDI affirms that we cannot talk about concrete results and address the problem of organized crime and corruption, as long as there is lack of transparency and accountability in decision-making, as long as senior government officials are constantly involved in corruption practices and frequently breaking the law, especially the public procurement law. Furthermore, this fact is ascertained with the lack of protection of judges and prosecutors, with the refusal of judges and prosecutors to deal with high-profile corruption cases, as well as the obstacles in accessing official documents.

Corruption remains the main challenge to Kosovo’s development and it needs to be fought. That is a clear message from the European Commission to Kosovo and its institutions. This fight should be a priority for the government, which, to achieve success in this regard will have to undertake the following steps:

  • Create a new strategy and a new anti-corruption plan
  • Ensure sufficient funds to make the necessary reforms in the justice system, and the institutions responsible for implementing the rule of law and public administration
  • Establish and strengthen the apparatus for the implementation of anti-corruption laws
  • Change the law for confiscation of illegal assets by taking into consideration the recommendations of the civil society

Lastly, take other measures to ensure full freedom of the independent institutions to restore public trust.

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