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Full investigations in all corruption cases must follow Mubarak verdict, according to TI

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The decision to sentence former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak for life for complicity in the killing of protesters during the Arab Spring but drop corruption charges against him and his sons fails to send a clear message that those accused of corruption during his dictatorship will be brought to justice, said Transparency International, the global anti-corruption organisation.

Transparency International calls for all those implicated in corruption during the 30-year Mubarak regime to be investigated and held accountable. Without transparency and accountability, Egyptians will continue to lack faith in their legal system and the rule of law.

The corruption charges were dropped because 10 years had lapsed, exceeding the statutes of limitations. This argument must not be used to exempt those who profited from corruption during the three decades of the Mubarak regime. There must be comprehensive investigations into the assets of all those who held power during that time to determine the extent of illicit gain and corruption.

Egyptians took to the streets to protest decades of dictatorship, corruption and the widespread cronyism that came with it. This verdict must not be the final word on corruption during the Mubarak regime.

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