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Transparency International concerned about possible intimidation of Chapter in Venezuela

Following attempts to intimidate civil society activists in Venezuela, including Transparency International’s (TI) National Chapter in the country, TI calls on the authorities to give civil society organisations the space to operate freely and express themselves without fear of reprisal.

After the publication of results from a Monitor Legislativo (legislative monitoring) project, the head of the Comptrolling Commission, Deputy Pedro Carreño called for a commission to investigate the civil society partners involved in the project. The objective of the project was to observe legislative activity and allow citizens to better understand their National Assembly, specifically the performance of legislators.

While Transparency International does not reject the principle of investigation by competent authorities if done according to the law with clear and fair procedures, it strongly repudiates any such government inquiries if they are aimed at silencing citizens’ voices and civil society’s freedom of expression.

Transparencia Venezuela is ready to fully respond to questions that the National Assembly may have as long as they are conducted with respect and following due process. Transparency International hopes and expects the Venezuelan National Assembly to be vigilant and respectful of its democratic mandate, and not to misuse these procedures for political purposes.

The TI global movement fully supports Transparencia Venezuela in its efforts to fight corruption in the country.


Transparency International is the global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption.

Note to editors: Please see below for more information and the press release issued by Transparencia Venezuela and Monitor Legislative on 18 May.

Monitor Legislativo and Transparencia Venezuela will continue to promote oversight of public institutions

(Caracas, 05.18.12) On May 16, 2012, the chairman of the National Assembly’s Permanent Oversight Committee, Deputy Pedro Carreño (PSUV-Lara), proposed investigating Transparencia Venezuela and Monitor Legislativo. The proposal was approved by the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) majority. On that occasion statements were made intended to discredit these organizations’ activities and financing1.

Transparencia Venezuela is a Venezuelan non-governmental organization established in accordance with all the legal requirements laid down in Venezuelan law and which complies strictly with its obligations. It regularly submits audited reports of its activities and finances to its partners, donors, and Venezuelan society in general. Its reports and activities are public, are regularly made known to interested parties, and are available on its web site2.

Monitor Legislativo3 is an alliance of Venezuelan social organizations, university professors and journalists who recognize the importance of the Legislature and who work as volunteers to provide citizens with information on the activities of the representatives elected by the people to the National Assembly and the other branches of government. Through its activities, Monitor Legislativo aims to bring Venezuelan society closer to the National Assembly; forge closer ties between elected and elector; offer systematized information on the activities of the National Assembly; and promote society’s active participation in the process of social oversight and drafting of laws.

The activities of Transparencia Venezuela and Monitor Legislativo consist of promoting citizen participation, transparency in the administration of government, defense and promotion of human rights4 and the strengthening of democracy, all in accordance with the rights established in the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (CBRV) and the international agreements signed by our country.

Transparencia Venezuela and Monitor Legislativo’s activities are carried out fully exercising the rights established in the CBRV and the international agreements that protect the work of defenders of human rights. These include the rights to participation, freedom of speech, freedom of association, social oversight of government, and activities in furtherance and defense of human rights.

As organizations that promote transparency, we are prepared to continue informing society of our institutional objectives, our activities and the sources of financing that make them possible.

We intend to respond adequately to any questions the deputies of the National Assembly might have, in a respectful procedure with the appropriate guarantees of respect and due process.

We reiterate that we will continue to exercise our constitutionally recognized human rights to continue our work in the areas of social and citizen oversight, whose purpose is to improve the quality of Venezuela’s democratic institutions.

We express our unwaivable determination resolve to continue our work in promoting participation and democracy.

We reject the defamatory statements regarding the performance of our activities in the interests of the citizenry and the shadow of doubt that some are attempting to throw on the legitimacy and honorability of our work.


4The declaration on human rights defenders lists the recognized rights of human rights defenders

Monitor Legislativo y Transparencia Venezuela continuarán con su trabajo de promoción de vigilancia de las instituciones públicas

(Caracas, 18.05.12) El 16.05.12, el diputado Pedro Carreño (PSUV-Lara), Presidente de la Comisión Permanente de Contraloría de la Asamblea Nacional (AN), propuso una investigación sobre las organizaciones Transparencia Venezuela y Monitor Legislativo. Esta propuesta fue aprobada por la mayoría constituida por los diputados de Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela (PSUV). En ese contexto se realizaron declaraciones que pretenden descalificar las actividades y financiamiento de estas organizaciones1.

Transparencia Venezuela es una organización venezolana establecida conforme a todos los requerimientos legales del ordenamiento jurídico nacional y cumple estrictamente con sus obligaciones. Rinde regularmente informes auditados de actividades y financieros a sus asociados, donantes y sociedad venezolana en general. Sus informes y actividades son públicas, se informa regularmente a las personas interesadas y están disponibles en su sitio web2.

Monitor Legislativo3 es una alianza de organizaciones de la sociedad venezolana, profesores universitarios y comunicadores sociales que en reconocimiento de la importancia del Poder Legislativo, trabajamos voluntariamente para facilitar a los ciudadanos la información sobre las actividades de los representantes electos por el pueblo a la Asamblea Nacional y los otros poderes públicos. Monitor Legislativo procura con sus actividades acercar a la sociedad venezolana al parlamento, estrechar el vínculo entre el elector y el elegido. Para ello estimula la rendición de cuentas públicas entre parlamentarios; ofrece información sistematizada de la actividad de la Asamblea Nacional; y promueve la participación activa de la sociedad en el proceso de contraloría social y elaboración de leyes.

Las actividades de Transparencia Venezuela y de Monitor Legislativo comprenden la promoción de la participación ciudadana, la transparencia de la gestión pública, la defensa y promoción de los derechos humanos y el fortalecimiento de la democracia. Todo ello conforme los derechos establecidos en la Constitución de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela (CRBV) y los instrumentos internacionales suscritos por nuestro país.

Las actividades desplegadas por Monitor Legislativo y Transparencia Venezuela se realizan en el pleno ejercicio de los derechos establecidos en la CRBV y en los instrumentos internacionales que protegen el trabajo de los defensores/as de derechos humanos4. Ello incluye los derechos a la participación; libertad de expresión: asociación; contraloría social de la gestión pública y las actividades de promoción y defensa de los derechos humanos.

Como organizaciones que promovemos la transparencia estamos dispuestos a continuar informando a la sociedad sobre nuestros objetivos institucionales, las actividades que realizamos y el financiamiento que las posibilita.

Estamos en capacidad de responder adecuadamente a los interrogantes que tengan los diputados de la AN, mediante un procedimiento respetuoso, con las debidas garantías de respeto y debido proceso.

Reiteramos que continuaremos con nuestro trabajo de contraloría social y ciudadana, que está asociado a los fines de una mejor calidad de las instituciones democráticas venezolanas, y en el ejercicio de nuestros derechos humanos constitucionalmente reconocidos.

Manifestamos la voluntad irrenunciable de continuar el trabajo en la promoción de la participación y la democracia. Rechazamos las descalificaciones públicas a nuestra gestión ciudadana y la sombra de duda que se pretende generar sobre la legitimidad y honorabilidad de nuestro trabajo.

2 Cfr.
3 Cfr.
4 La declaración sobre defensores de derechos humanos detalla los derechos reconocidos a los defensores de derechos humanos

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