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Transparency Maldives calls for an independent inquiry into the circumstances leading up to the change in government on 7th February 2012

In consideration of the unfolding events and the statements released by both the current government and former President Nasheed, Transparency Maldives calls for an independent inquiry into the circumstances leading up to the change in government on 7th February 2012.

We urge all political parties and stakeholders to engage in a process of dialogue and reconciliation, and work towards a political solution within the bounds of the constitution, that creates an environment conducive to free and fair elections. We request the International Community to continue monitoring developments in the Maldives at this critical juncture and to continue providing technical assistance to build the capacity of democratic institutions.

It is with grave concern that we note that there are serious allegations that the transfer of power may have occurred outside the ambit of the constitution of the Maldives. It is equally alarming that security forces, including those of the Maldivian National Defence Force and the Maldives Police Service, are alleged to have stepped beyond the prerogatives accorded to them under the constitution and laws of the Maldives.

Transparency Maldives strongly condemns the employment of excessive force by the Maldives Police Service against the protestors following the resignation of President Nasheed. We equally condemn acts of violence that caused damage to state and private property in the ensuing days after the transfer of power. Transparency Maldives urges the security forces to safeguard personal rights and liberties enshrined in the Constitution of Maldives and calls on the public to refrain from any acts of violence or vandalism and to uphold the democratic values of the society.

At this time of national crisis, we urge the media to be impartial in their reporting and adhere strictly to the principles of journalistic ethics and professionalism.

Transparency Maldives has met with the team of EU Heads of Missions, The Commonwealth Secretariat Team, Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group, The U.S Assistant Secretary of State, South and Central Asian Affairs Mr. Robert Blake, the UN Mission, the USAID, the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives and the former President Nasheed to discuss the ongoing crisis in the Maldives. Transparency Maldives will be conducting nationwide elections monitoring, media monitoring, nationwide voter education as well as monitoring of the use of public resources in campaigns.

For any press enquiries please contact

Mr. Aiman Rasheed
T: +960 984 5082 or

Ms. Khadheeja Naseem
T: +960 778 2274