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Transparency International Canada welcomes successful prosecution of Niko Resources on bribery charge

TI-Canada urges Ottawa to introduce legislation making it easier to pursue Canadians guilty of corruption abroad

Transparency International Canada welcomes the judgement issued in Calgary against Niko Resources which pleaded guilty to bribing a Bangladeshi official in the course of its oil and gas operations in that country.

“This is the first major conviction and fine under our international anti-corruption legislation,” said James Klotz, President of TI-Canada. “The new RCMP task force has been working hard at investigating Canadian companies suspected of bribery abroad. In March, the RCMP revealed that it was pursuing 23 investigations. Now, with Niko resolved, there are at least 22 active files, so we expect more charges against companies or individuals.”

To facilitate the prosecution of corruption and bribery by Canadian citizens abroad, TI-Canada is urging the federal government to act swiftly to re-introduce and pass the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials provisions of Bill C-31 which died when Parliament was prorogued.

“Canada is hampered when it comes to prosecuting Canadians alleged to be involved in corrupt practices outside the country,” Klotz said. “At the moment, the Crown must prove that the crime has a ‘real and substantial connection’ to Canada, whereas most OECD countries have jurisdiction based on nationality of its citizens.

“If we close this jurisdiction loophole, prosecutors will be able to pursue Canadians who engage in corrupt practices anywhere in the world.”

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