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Malaysia: President of TI-Malaysia issues statement on contract award to PLUS

TI-Malaysia (TI-M) calls on the government to implement the key initiatives identified by PEMANDU to improve transparency and accountability, specifically to disclose details of procurement contracts. The details of all concession contracts are of interest to all Malaysians as they involve public funds and costs to the public. TI-M calls for the disclosures of all concession contracts; the government, if it has the political will, should be able to disclose publicly all contracts either by providing for disclosure in the contracts or getting the contractors to agree to disclosure. Since this contract seems to require public funds and Government support and the public will be paying tolls, the contract should be awarded by open tender or some other means to ensure that the contract is, at the minimum, competitively priced.


About Transparency International - Malaysia
Transparency International – Malaysia is an accredited chapter of Berlin based Transparency International. It is a non-governmental organization to counter corruption nationally as well as internationally. Our mission is to curb corruption through international and national coalitions encouraging governments to establish and implement effective laws, policies and anti-corruption programmes. We strive to strengthen public support and understanding for anti-corruption programmes and enhance public transparency and accountability in international business transactions and in the administration of public and private

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