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Japan: Transparency International denounces attempts to undermine freedom of expression

Read the Japanese version of this press release.

Transparency International (TI) expresses its solidarity with two Greenpeace activists detained after publishing a report alleging corruption within the Japanese sponsored South Ocean whaling programme, and asks for clarity about the motives of these arrests.

The two detained Greenpeace activists Junichi Sato and Toru Suzuki had investigated and documented activities onboard a Japanese whaling ship and the resulting sale of whale meat processed during the scientific research undertaken on board.

TI requests to release the two at once because it is unnecessary to bind them any longer. TI denounces attempts - even unintentional ones - to intimidate or silence NGOs and non-violent civil society actors.

TI expresses its concern about the drop by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor of its investigation into the Greenpeace allegations of assumed corruption published in the above mentioned report. The authorities in charge should take the necessary steps to either reintroduce the investigations or clarify the reasons for abandoning the case.

Detailed information and the report about the investigation can be found at

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