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Romanian Government Anticorruption Strategy for 2008-2010

Transparency International Romania notes the adoption of the National Anticorruption Strategy for the vulnerable sectors and local public administration for 2008-2010, in the government meeting of 4th June 2008, and considers it to be a natural step for the public administration area, after the approval of the Action Plan for the completion of the benchmarks imposed by the European Commission after Romania’s accession to the EU.

The adoption of Sectorial Action Plans for the public administration can contribute to the achievement of concrete results, as a consequence of specific activities adapted to the particular necessities of each approached sector.

In these circumstances, Transparency International Romania would like to draw attention to the fact that the mere adoption of this Strategy in the field of administration is not sufficient for cutting back corruption and for achieving the undertaken commitments. The rate of success for the Strategy will only be displayed by solid results subsequent to the actual implementation of the measures provided for in the Strategy.

Transparency International Romania requests that the competent authorities seriously consider the implementation and the monitoring of each of the proposed actions and show responsibility in adopting the necessary decisions.

Transparency International Romania considers that, in order to continue the fight against corruption and to accomplish the undertaken commitments, Romania requires a National Anticorruption Strategy to provide measures for all the vulnerable sectors.

Considering these, Transparency International Romania requests that this Strategy in the field of administration be complemented with respect to other vulnerable areas: justice, business environment, the funding of the political parties, as well as regarding the use of structural funds.

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