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Transparency International gravely concerned by allegations of election irregularities in Kenya

Anti-corruption group seeks transparent resolution through independent review of election results

Transparency International Kenya and the global Transparency International (TI) movement are gravely concerned by serious allegations of election irregularities in recent Kenyan elections and the violent unrest they precipitated. The questions of transparency and integrity hanging over the presidential election in particular have the potential to fatally undermine governance and the fight against corruption in Kenya.

“TI calls for a transparent resolution to the current crisis, without delay, through an active process of mediation and an independent review of the campaign and election phases,” said TI Chair, Huguette Labelle. “Any solution to this impasse must be based on international standards of transparency and election management.”

The magnitude of the turmoil gripping Kenya today has deep roots. “The failure of critical institutions of governance, of parliamentary accountability, as well as flawed conduct and management of political parties, has bred this climate of political violence and uncertainty. Only through vigorous enforcement of accountability can good governance be restored,” said the Chair of TI Kenya’s Board of Directors, Dr Richard Leakey. “Independent mechanisms that hold all Kenyans to account are crucial to the legitimacy of any Kenyan government.”

TI is alarmed at the plight of the victims, including refugees, of sectarian violence ignited by the elections and expresses its condolences to the hundreds of families who have lost loved ones, calling for the immediate restoration of peace. TI urges the leaders of Kenya, both in government and opposition, to exercise personal restraint and to demand the same of their supporters. The current violence has the potential to deepen poverty and foment an environment in which corruption thrives.

Africa has often resolved past crises peacefully through mediation and conciliation. Such a solution, pursued with the African Union and other impartial mediators, would provide a route out of the current quagmire, while an independent commission of enquiry would allow for a non-partisan, objective analysis of the electoral process and vote counting. For the sustained and peaceful development that all Kenyans deserve, governance institutions must be managed with unwavering accountability and the fight against corruption must be given top priority.


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