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Women Against Corruption

March 8 is International Women’s Day. All this week, we’re celebrating the bravery and innovation of female corruption fighters worldwide – whether it’s those working in our chapters around the world, or those whose commitment and tenacity inspire us to make the world a better place.

Who inspires me? The millions of women fighting corruption worldwide. Today we’re celebrating their courage and dignity. Tomorrow – and every day – we stand alongside them.”

– Transparency International Chair Huguette Labelle

5 women who inspire you

In the run up to 8 March, we asked YOU to share the names of women who have motivated you to stand up for justice and demand accountability. From hard-hitting magistrates to celebrities and indefatigable rights campaigners, these are some of the inspiring women you told us about on social media: Eva Joly, Oprah Winfrey, Rebecca Lolosoli, Yoani Sanchez and the sisters, mothers, aunts and daughters in your lives. Read more here.

Women vs. corruption – interviews with our corruption fighters worldwide

At a time when 85 per cent of women say they’re ready to fight corruption, it’s not surprising that female corruption fighters are at the heart of change and innovation in our movement.

We spoke to some of the many women working in our chapters around the world – finding out more about what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and which women inspire them to continue in their fight.

Maryam Mughal – Transparency International Pakistan

“Training women to engage with a government employee, such as the teacher of the area, allowed them to exercise their right as a concerned citizen, making it irrelevant whether they were a man or a woman.”

Maryam Mughal has helped hundreds of citizens in Pakistan speak out against corruption, many of them women. She tells us how women are hit harder by corruption – even when it comes to disaster relief – and how something as simple as a chair can give them back their voice.

Read more here.

Simona Habič – Transparency International Slovenia

“Women need to be louder in the anti-corruption sphere, and more valued for the contribution they make.”

Five and a half years after she helped set up Transparency International Slovenia, Simona Habič tells us about successfully putting the anti-corruption agenda on the map in her country and how a new breed of young women leaders are changing the game in politics.

Read more here.

Nyaradzo Mutonhori – Transparency International Zimbabwe

“Women must be empowered to know their rights so they can hold leaders accountable. And they must be told their input is important.”

Being a woman is a help and a hindrance when it comes to fighting corruption, says Nyaradzo Mutonhori. Sharing her experiences of empowering Zimbabwean women to speak out on sexual extortion, she tells us what needs to happen to ensure other women can fight corruption.

Read more here.

Viola Atallah – AMAN Coalition

“Legislation must be put in place to enable women to aspire to important positions of power, to break the silences around sexual harassment, and to know their rights.”

Social change starts from the ground up, says Viola Atallah from Palestinian chapter AMAN Coalition – and women are essential to that process. She tells us about nepotism, breaking the corruption taboo, and helping women speak out on sexual harassment in the workplace.

Read more here.

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