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Video from Transparency International’s new leadership

José Ugaz and Elena Panfilova were elected Transparency International’s new chair and vice-chair at the anti-corruption movement’s 2014 annual membership meeting in Berlin.

Ugaz and Panfilova bring decades of anti-corruption experience with them, both nationally and internationally.

Ugaz prosecuted several top-level corruption cases as Peru’s ad-hoc state attorney. Most notably, he was instrumental in the corruption case against former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori and Vladimiro Montesinos, the former head of the country’s intelligence services. In 2002, Ugaz became president of Proética, Transparency International’s chapter in Peru. He has served on Transparency International’s board of directors since 2011.

Panfilova founded Transparency International’s chapter in Russia in 1999, serving as its executive director until July 2014, when she became the chapter’s chair. She was a visiting expert at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development and became a member of the Russian Governmental Commission on Open Government where she chaired the working group on anti-corruption policy. Panfilova has served on Transparency International’s board of directors since 2011.

Both Ugaz and Panfilova have been actively engaged in the development of Transparency International’s long-term strategy to increase its global voice against corruption and engage more people around the world in that fight. Most recently, they have played a key role in shaping our new Unmask the Corrupt campaign to deny safe haven to the corrupt and their ill-gotten gains. They are passionate about spreading the anti-corruption message and about holding the corrupt to account.

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