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TI launches new regional network for Asia Pacific

Transparency International's Asia Pacific based chapters are pleased to introduce TIAP, an innovative anti-corruption network and web space for the region.

TIAP, TI's Asia Pacific network and web space are dedicated to promoting anti-corruption in the Asia Pacific region.

TIAP is a regional forum for sharing experiences, lessons learned and anti-corruption tools. It is also a strong and dynamic network that facilitates concrete anti-corruption cooperation on a number of priority issues in the region.

The TIAP web space aims to be an indispensable regional resource for civil society, policy makers, academics and others who are dedicated to the fight against corruption.

The Asia Pacific region represents more than half of the world's population with China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Japan among the ten most populous countries. The region is very diverse in terms of its cultural, social and political background. Rapid economic growth in much of East and South East Asia and in India has profound governance implications. Many Asia Pacific countries suffer from corruption, in some cases endemic. At the same time, there are outstanding examples of transparency and accountability in the region. By working together effectively, both at government and non government levels, regional stakeholders can share best practices in order to reduce corruption.

"TI national chapters in Asia Pacific decided to create a strong regional network to share experience and to interact with developing regional approaches to curbing corruption," said Tatsuro Kuroda, Executive Director of TI Japan.

The ADB OECD Anti-Corruption Initiative for Asia Pacific endorsed by 25 countries has recently been joined by the APEC Course of Action On Fighting Corruption and Ensuring Transparency. Countries in the region are also in process of ratifying the UN Convention against Corruption. TIAP is the response of TI chapters in Asia Pacific to this burgeoning regional approach to curbing corruption which TI strongly supports.

"Transparency International has been at the centre of most of these developments and intends to ensure that civil society continues to play its proper role in ensuring that they are effectively developed and implemented," said Peter Rooke, TI Regional Director for Asia Pacific.

The new TIAP web space details the work of the TI movement in the region on priority issues such as public procurement and contracting, political party and election campaign financing, anti-corruption instruments and anti-corruption education.

Visitors to the site can also find news articles related to regional topics such as the timely debate on preventing corruption in tsunami relief and reconstruction, the recently signed Social Pact for Anti-corruption and Transparency for Korea (K-PACT) and examples of how outstanding individuals have contributed to curbing corruption in their countries (Integrity Awards).

To visit the web space click here.

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