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See the survey results: how you think we should stop corruption

Update, 16 April 2015: The consultation period has closed. Thank you for sharing your ideas and suggestions with us! You can find the results of the web visitors’ survey here. We will publish our new strategy towards the end of 2015.

Transparency International has achieved a lot since it was founded in 1993, from placing corruption high on the political and business agenda to helping individual witnesses and victims of corruption around the world.

We have shown how corruption has devastating effects on the lives of the most vulnerable – and we have worked with governments, business leaders, local communities and other civil society organisations to stop it.

But there is clearly more to do to achieve our vision of a world free from corruption.

We are developing a new strategy for the next five years and seek your views. Tell us what you think the Transparency International movement of more than 100 chapters around the world should target for change between now and 2020. Help us shape our collective efforts to stop corruption and promote transparency and integrity.

The survey takes just a few minutes but your contribution is significant: Only by working together on the issues that matter most to people can we successfully stop corruption.

Click here for the survey in English, Spanish, French, or Arabic

We will post the results of the survey on our website, so please do check back (in April) to see how your views fit with those of others!

Thank you!

Editor's note: On 16 April, the title of this article was amended from its previous form (Have your say in how we stop corruption!) to reflect that the consultation period has ended and the results of the survey are now available.

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