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Corruption and the climate crisis — how you can help

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Today, both children and adults around the world are walking out of schools and workplaces for the Climate Strike. Transparency International is standing up for people and the planet through our fight against the misuse of climate funds by corrupt actors.

Did you know that the fight against corruption and the fight against climate change are connected? We are calling to end corruption in climate change finance across the world. Our Chapter in Peru is working against corrupt local officials who enable multinational companies to buy large hectares of land for palm oil plantations, leaving local farmers without the basis for their livelihood.

In Bangladesh, climate change and rising sea levels are threatening local communities and have left many families without their homes. The government is spending millions of dollars on emergency shelters but these often end up in wrong areas or unfinished. Our Chapter in Bangladesh is monitoring the government’s climate spending and calling for better financial oversight to make sure money is not lost to corruption but protects local communities.

Whether you’re striking today or not, you can support the health of the earth and those who seek to protect it in several ways:

1) Take one of our e-learning courses to better understand the link between climate and corruption.

2) Read up on climate governance and finance using our online Knowledge Hub.

3) Donate today to support our anti-corruption efforts. We couldn’t do this work without the generosity of our donors, and we’d love you to join us on our journey towards a future free from corruption:

4) Share this post! You’ll also find us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, where we’ll regularly update you on the work of our national chapters. And you can sign up to our newsletter here: Thank you for reading! #FuckCorruptionNotTheClimate 🌍💪



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