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Integrity pact – A global standard for safeguarding strategic public investments

Integrity pacts around the world - Integrity pact – A global standard for safeguarding strategic public investments

Integrity pacts around the world

The Global Integrity Pacts Compendium is an online resource that provides an overview of different trends, variations, and practices in integrity pact implementation worldwide. We’ve gathered experiences across different regions and countries in a single location to inform advocacy, policymaking, research, and analysis in the field of public contracting, as well as to inspire new integrity pact projects and similar collective action initiatives.

You can explore country overviews that cover integrity pact implementation practices, milestones, and initiatives in specific national contexts through the interactive map above. You can also download the integrity pact projects database if you’d like to sort and filter basic systematised data on individual integrity pacts across different countries:

Download the integrity pacts projects database

Data sources and updates

The Global Integrity Pacts Compendium was developed by gathering and collating relevant information from a wide number of sources, including:

  • handbooks, guides, and reports on the integrity pact and its technical implementation published by Transparency International and our national chapters
  • policy papers, research reports, and academic articles focusing on the integrity pact, either in terms of the general evaluation of the tool or describing country-specific cases
  • the information available on Transparency International’s national chapters’ websites, including integrity pact project descriptions, template documents, monitoring reports, impact reports, blogs, videos, and other relevant material
  • a global survey and follow-up consultations that were carried out between February and July 2022 to gather and validate the information from Transparency International’s national chapters about their practical experience with the integrity pact
  • the Global Integrity Pacts Database, published by the Basel Institute on Governance, which provides a more general overview of integrity pact implementation across the world as part of its resources on collective action initiatives

This is a “living” resource regularly updated and expanded based on contributions and ongoing collaboration with Transparency International’s network of national chapters, partners, and experts.

We welcome suggestions for its improvement – our main aim is for you to be able to access vital information easily, whenever you might need it.

Get in touch

For further information on Transparency International’s current work on the integrity pact and to share suggestions for the compendium's improvement and expansions, drop us an email at [email protected].