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Urgency to Save Anti-Corruption Agenda in Indonesia: Joint Communiqué Koalisi Masyarakat Sipil

Representative of Civil Society’s coalition consists of 125 people from 85 organisations from Aceh to Papua, under the Anti-corruption National Movement, met on 26 -27 Feb 2015 in Depok-West Java. The objective of the meeting was to discuss the situation regarding the movement to weaken KPK, the weakness of law enforcement and the threat against corruption eradication agenda in Jokowi’s government and ministries cabinet.

We are aware that the President is the head of the country that is 1) fully responsible in ensuring the government is free from corruption, collusion and nepotism, and 2) responsible of the compliance with the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia.

We are aware of the official oath declared by the President on his inauguration as recorded in NAWACITA number 4: “we will enhance the existence of the country by reforming the system and law enforcement to ensure that they are accountable, free from corruption, have dignity.”

We believe KPK is a result of such reform and KPK is consistence in performing its task to eradicate corruption and for that reason KPK earns the public trust.

By considering:

  1. The achievement of KPK in catching corruptors from executive, judicative, legislative levels and also business persons at central and regional levels.
  2. KPK’s achievement in returning the state loss due to corruption, has reached the amount of IDR24trillion.
  3. KPK’s achievement to increase public awareness, to limit the corruptors’ movement and to produce anti-corruption agents from all level of society and government.

We are concern with the current political and legal systems which lead to KPK’s weakening through:

1. Effort to fabricate evidences/cases against KPK’s commissioners and investigators.

2. Unfair Pre-trial in Budi Gunawan’s case.

3. The effort to weaken KPK’s credibility by using media, social media and multimedia fabrication.

4. The appointment of ad interim commissioners with poor track record in integrity and credibility and with potential of conflict of interest.

5. The plan to add more investigation from Polri and AGO in KPK with bad track record related to their integrity and credibility.

6. To include KUHP, KUHAP and KPK’s Law amendments in National Legislation Program (Prolegnas)

7. The absence of KPK’s strengthening strategy in National Development Program Planning of 2015 2019

We demand that:

  1. The President to immediately stop all kind of acts to criminalize KPK’s commissioners and staff, according to his presidential oath to strengthen KPK and eradicate court mafia as recorded in NAWACITA
  2. Presidents shall order the ad interim Kapolri to reform the institution by dismissing every member who involve in the effort to weaken KPK. More importantly, to suspend Budi Waseso as KABAARESKRIM’s chief and to follow up the legal process base base of findings and recommendation of Komnas HAM and Ombudsman RI.
  3. The President to immediately retrieve the Presidential Regulation on Bambang Wijoyanto and Abraham Samad and rehabilitate name and their position as consequenses of findings and recommendation of Komnas HAM and Ombudsman RI.
  4. KPK has to follow up BG’s case and refuse the transfer to other law enforcement agency.
  5. KPK’s ad interim leaders have to sign integrity pledge and declare themselves free from conflict of interest related to politic, business, work, family, etc before and after holding the office, and not to be included in investigation related to their previous positions.
  6. KPK has to continue handling important corruption cases, such as Polri’s suspicious bank accounts, BLBI, Century, corruption cases on revenues, oil and gas, natural resources and other big corruption cases.

We from coalition of Anti-Corruption Civil Society from Aceh to Papua declare that we against all effort to limit KPK’s authority to only deal with prevention.

Depok, 27th February 2015
Koalisi Masyarakat Sipil Antikorupsi

ACEH: MaTA, GaSAK, Rumoh, Transparansi, Sekolah Antikorupsi Aceh
RIAU: Jikalahari
JAMBI: Warsi
BANTEN: Sekolah Demokrasi Serang, Tangerang Public Transparency Watch (TRUTH)
JAWA BARAT: Penpol Muda Garut, SOFIInstitute Cirebon
JAWATENGAH: Pattiro Semarang, KP2KKN, Laskar Batang, Omah Tani, GeBRaK
JAWA TIMUR: Malang Corruption Watch, Rahima Banyuwangi
MADURA: Madura Corruption Watch
BALI: Sloka Institute
NTT: PIAR, Bengkel APPeK
SULAWESI TENGAH: Yayasan Merah Putih Palu
SULAWESI UTARA: Swara, Parangpuan
KALIMANTAN BARAT: Gemawan, Komik Anti Korupsi Indonesia
PAPUA BARAT: Perdu Manokwari
JAKARTA: Transparency International Indonesia, KontraS, LBH Jakarta, YLBHI, MaPPIFHUI, Kemitraan, ICW, LMND, ILR, PSHK, IBC, SPEAKSTAN, SPEAK, Forum Indonesia, Muda, SIMAK, STIAMI, PATTIRO, Komik Antikorupsi Indonesia, Air Putih, Imparsial, PWYP, Jaringan GUSDU Rian, FSPMI, BEMUI, Migrant Care, DESANTARA, Sekretariat Stranas, KRHN, Remotivi, iLab, SPEAK, WALHI, Perludem, ISI, KIARA, KPOPRP, Media Link, JGD, Propatria, Suara Perempuan, HRWG, Lingkar Merdeka

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