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Transparency International wins Agenda Setting Award 2002

The Award for Agenda Setting 2002 was presented to Transparency International (TI) last night. Peter Eigen, Chairman of TI, received the award at an international conference, Agenda Setting 2002: Mass Media & Public Opinion, in Bonn on 21 August 2002. TI is the world's leading anti-corruption organisation.

"Without the work of Peter Eigen and his team we would all know much less about the misuse of taxpayers' money and the abuse of power. Above all, we would constantly think that this is a problem confined to less developed countries," said Roland Schatz, Editor-in-Chief of Media Tenor, which presented the award. Media Tenor is an internatonal institute for media analysis which analyses media diversity in Germany, the US, the UK, South Africa and the Czech Republic.

Awards for diversity in media reporting were handed out to international media, including BBC TV, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Les Echos and the Financial Times.

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