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Transparency International urges fair and accountable management of Green Climate Fund

Spending of up to $100 billion per year for climate change projects needs to be transparent and fair

The anti-corruption group Transparency International today urged the board of the Green Climate Fund to give citizens a much bigger voice at its meetings if the group wants to follow through on its stated goal to be ‘transparent and accountable’ in its efforts to guard our planet against the effects of climate change.

Crucial decisions about how best to manage up to US $100 billion per year to help developing countries adapt to the effects of climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions could be made this week at the Green Climate Fund’s inaugural board meeting in Geneva.

“We need a balance between the urgency to achieve results and the due diligence required to protect climate money and ensure its effectiveness,” said Lisa Ann Elges, Head of Climate Governance Integrity Programme at Transparency International.

Civil society observers to the Green Climate Fund can contribute important knowledge, expertise and impartiality to help shape policies that are strong and tailored to people’s needs.

The current proposal would allow just two civil society observers to actively participate in board meetings -- one from the developed world and one from the developing world – while the rest of civil society would have to monitor the process from the side lines. This presents a great challenge to achieving meaningful engagement.

Transparency must also be pursued more proactively. One way would be for the board to webcast its meetings, seek as much as possible to hold open, transparent meeting discussions, and create channels for people to contribute more meaningfully to the fund’s activities by exchanging information, knowledge and ideas.

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