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Transparency International Ukraine Presents a Photo Exhibition “What Does Euromaidan Stand For?”

On December 9, the International Anti-Corruption Day, Transparency International Ukraine presents an online photo exhibition called “What Does Euromaidan Stand For?” Using 23 photos, TI Ukraine activists have tried to render the key idea of Euromaidan: Ukrainians crave for living in the country of integrity.

For this sake TI Ukraine has chosen the most impressive photos describing the latest events in Ukraine, and sent them to key international media. Besides, the pictures have been disseminated through Transparency International anti-corruption network among over 90 countries of the world.

“Late November Ukrainians around the country went to central squares of their cities to defend their right of living in a country with European values. In Kyiv it resulted in bloody dispersal of a peaceful protest by the riot police; the order was issued straight by highest authorities. Thus, now the whole Ukraine stands rather against corruption and tyranny of authorities than just for EU Association,” says Oleksii Khmara, Transparency International Ukraine Executive Director, “This year Corruption Perceptions Index of Transparency International shows that Ukraine is the most corrupt European country. This is the result of total conflict of interests of any official who has at least the smallest extent of power. Bureaucrats often practically see no difference between the state budget and their own assets. The point of no return has already been passed. Therefore, the whole world now witnesses the impressive inspiring peaceful struggle of Ukrainians for their right to live in the country of integrity.”

TI Ukraine would like to show people of the world that Ukrainians’ peaceful protest is sincere and has the only aim: revival of democratic values and respect to human rights in the biggest European country that is almost depleted by corrupt authorities.

The photo exhibition What Does #Euromaidan Stand For? is available in Ukrainian and in English here:

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