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Transparency International to observe constitutional referendum in Egypt

Transparency International, the anti-corruption group, is deploying a mission to observe voting on the constitutional referendum taking place in Egypt on 14 and 15 January.

Observers will conduct an independent and impartial evaluation of the referendum process in compliance with international standards for electoral observation with the express aim of enhancing transparency during this crucial time.

Transparency International’s observers will conduct their mission in accordance with applicable Egyptian laws, regulations, and the state’s international human rights obligations, as well as with the Declaration of Principles for International Election Observation. Egypt’s High Commission for Elections has accredited Transparency International’s mission.

The international team of eight observers from Transparency International chapters around the world will monitor and assess the freeness and fairness of the referendum, including the legal and institutional framework for the referendum, the campaign, and polling proceedings in 16 governorates across the country.

One World Foundation, a local civil society organisation, will be Transparency International’s national partner throughout the referendum. Observers will meet various representatives from national authorities, political parties, youth movements, local civil society organisations and other participating international election observation organisations.

This is the first time Transparency International will observe an Egyptian poll. The organisation emphasises its respect for the sovereign right of the Egyptian people to hold a free and fair referendum, which requires the exercise of a number of fundamental rights and freedoms. Transparency International observers will respect Egyptian laws and the authority of administering the referendum, as well as any lawful instruction from these and other governmental or security authorities.

Transparency International affirms its independence and political non-partisanship and impartiality in all the monitoring phases including, observation, findings, analysis and conclusions.


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