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Transparency International to Hold Workshop on Strategies for a Transnational Approach to Fighting Corruption in Africa

The 3rd Annual Meeting of TI African Chapters brings anti-corruption fighters together to focus on regional approaches in the fight against corruption

Transparency International (TI), the leading international non-governmental organisation devoted exclusively to fighting corruption worldwide will be hosting an Africa regional workshop on Strategies for a Transnational Approach to Preventing and Fighting Corruption at the Palais des Congres Yaoundé, Cameroon, between 9 and 11 October 2003.

The workshop, an integral part of TI's 3rd All African Conference, brings together TI activists from over 22 African countries, with key TI partners, including Ireland Aid and United States Agency for International Development (USAID) participating as observers. The workshop will focus on the recently adopted African Union Convention on Preventing and Combating Corruption and the New Partnership for Africa's Development. Participants will also discuss strategies for campaigning for its ratification, as it requires at least 15 ratifications for it to enter into force.

The workshop will also appraise TI's global and African strategies, in addition to presenting important country reports and sharing experiences in the fight against corruption. Participants are expected to make useful recommendations to further the work of anti-corruption activists in the region.

The workshop takes place two days after the launch on 7 October 2003, of TI's Corruption Perceptions Index 2003 (CPI). The CPI 2003 ranks 133 countries according to perceived levels of corruption among politicians and public officials.

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