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Transparency International strongly supports the work of TI Cambodia and its leadership

Read the Khmer version here.

Transparency International strongly supports the work of Transparency International Cambodia and the release of the National Integrity System assessment that reviews how well institutions across Cambodia safeguard against corruption and the abuse of power.

“The chapter has worked in Cambodia for four years and has always been an independent and politically non-partisan organisation that advocates for transparency and accountability. It must have the freedom to express itself and participate as an active member of civil society. The executive director of the chapter, Kol Preap has sought to engage with all key stakeholders,” said Cobus de Swardt, managing director of Transparency International.

The new report made constructive recommendations to improve anti-corruption performance. The purpose of the study is to assess strengths and weaknesses of national institutions that uphold integrity. It is meant to give the government information so they can prioritise plans to improve the performance of these institutions.

“Transparency International Cambodia has produced an important report that offers practical recommendations and insight to help both state and non-state institutions in Cambodia in their fight against corruption,” said de Swardt.

The analysis is undertaken via a consultative approach, involving the key anti-corruption agents in government, civil society, the business community and other sectors. Transparency International chapters have produced over 100 National Integrity System country reports around the world.

Transparency International reiterates its support for the work of its chapter in Cambodia and Kol Preap, the executive director of Transparency International Cambodia. It calls on the government of Cambodia to ensure a safe space for civil society to conduct its work, free from threats.

Cambodia ratified the United Nations Convention against Corruption in 2007. Article 13 obliges Cambodia “to promote the active participation of … civil society … in the prevention of and the fight against corruption.”

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