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Transparency International statement following meeting with Honduran President

Transparency International’s Regional Director of the Americas, Alejandro Salas, met today with President Juan Orlando Hernández of Honduras in Berlin.

The following statement is attributed to Alejandro Salas:

“We were honoured to meet with President Juan Orlando Hernández today and discuss the 6/10/2014 Collaboration and Good Faith Agreement between Honduras, Transparency International and Asociación para una Sociedad Más Justa. We look forward to the 12 November publication of the first progress reports on the agreement.

“While this agreement is not an endorsement of all actions undertaken by the government of Honduras or a recognition of the actions taken so far, we are eager to engage with the current administration because they opened the door to correcting some of the countries deep corruption problems embedded in their institutions with the signing of this agreement.

“Beyond the specifics of what the 12 November reports will say, it is worth highlighting that the two first sectors that have been reviewed, education and security, are already finalising their improvement plans, which will be the road map for correcting the institutional weaknesses identified. For us the bigger issues are the long-term challenges embedded in Honduran institutions that will take time to fix. On that front we still see a great need for change towards greater transparency.”

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