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Transparency International restructures operations and senior management

Transparency International is in the process of reorganising the operations of its international Secretariat to focus more on the global anti-corruption efforts of its 100-strong chapter network.

The transformation process, which started in 2016, will be presented to its Annual Membership Meeting in Panama City 29-30 November and will be finalised in the first quarter of 2017.

The move is to allow the organisation to focus more directly on its Strategy 2020 Together against Corruption and reshape its Secretariat to make it more agile and flexible at a time when non-governmental organisations face new restrictions on their work in many countries and budget challenges.

The reorganisation is to strengthen the internal management and address the changing needs of the global movement.

For the past 24 years Transparency International has worked to raise the awareness of the devastating effects of corruption around the world. It has developed tools to measure corruption and policies to prevent corruption. It supports a network of more than 100 chapters around the world.

The Transparency International Secretariat manages multi-country projects and provides research on which to promote evidence-based advocacy. The 2020 Strategy focuses on three key areas: prevention, enforcement and justice; creating partnerships with people and organisations to fight corruption; and to strengthen the anti-corruption movement.

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