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Transparency International letter to Ukraine Commissioner for Human Rights

Transparency International sent a letter today to Valeriya Lutkovska, the Ukrainian Commissioner for Human Rights, expressing the anti-corruption group’s deep concern about the situation in Ukraine and calling on the government to resolve the situation peacefully, to engage in dialogue with the protesters and to respect the integrity of civil society in Ukraine.

In the letter Transparency International said they would continue to press for meaningful anticorruption reforms.

Transparency International also said it regrets that this escalating violence has brought about further deaths of Ukrainian citizens and expressed solidarity with Transparency International Ukraine and other civil society organisations of Ukraine.

In the letter Transparency International said it will closely monitor the situation and, with its national chapter Transparency International Ukraine, called on the Ombudsman to gather facts about any human rights violations involving civic activists and citizens.

Finally, Transparency International called on the Ukrainian Ombudsman to uphold Ukraine’s commitments under the United Nations Convention against Corruption to protect the space for civil society.

Note: This release was corrected to delete the reference to Valeriya Lutkovska being a "Member of the Ukrainian Parliament". The above version is correct.

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