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Transparency International launches global initiative to prevent corruption on construction projects

To coincide with the publication of the Global Corruption Report 2005, Transparency International (TI) is launching an international initiative aimed at preventing corruption on construction projects. Neill Stansbury, Project Director for Construction & Engineering at TI-UK, who is leading the initiative, speaking in London today, said that "corruption on construction projects can be avoided if all parties put into place the necessary preventive measures. This requires coordinated international action by governments, banks, export credit agencies, project owners, contractors and other relevant parties."

In order to support this initiative, TI has produced a series of reports and business tools which deal specifically with avoiding corruption on construction projects. These reports and tools include:

  • Three separate risk assessments and action plans. The first is designed for project owners and developers in the public or private sector. The second is designed for banks, export credit agencies, guarantors and insurers. The third is designed for construction and engineering companies and consulting engineering firms. The reports assess the risk to these parties as a result of corruption on construction projects, and propose actions to reduce these risks.
  • A report which gives detailed examples of corrupt practices on construction projects.
  • Reports on how the use of integrity pacts and independent assessments can reduce the risk of corruption.
  • Model construction integrity pacts and codes of conduct.

TI will use these reports and business tools to lobby relevant organisations to take action to prevent corruption on construction projects. These organisations will include governments, public and private sector project owners, multi-lateral development banks, export credit agencies, commercial banks, insurers, construction and engineering companies, consulting engineering firms, and professional and business associations.

The complete set of documents can be accessed on the TI website under the heading "Preventing Corruption on Construction Projects" at

TI's Global Corruption Report 2005, with a special focus on corruption in construction and post-conflict reconstruction, is available.

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