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Transparency International denounces unfounded accusations and judicial harassment by Brazilian corporation J&F

Transparency International categorically rejects and condemns the unfounded accusations and judicial harassment by the Brazilian corporation J&F in its legal appeal adjudicated this week by Brazil’s Supreme Court Justice Antonio Dias Toffoli.

Against the backdrop of systemic blows to anti-corruption efforts suffered during the Bolsonaro administration, J&F has been using the regrettable tactic of disseminating misinformation about Transparency International’s and law enforcement agents’ work, to escape criminal and administrative sanctions for grand corruption schemes it had previously confessed both in Brazil and in the US.

Despite publicly committing to upholding high ethical standards and discontinuing criminal activities before judicial authorities in Brazil and the US, J&F continues to present false information to Brazil's Supreme Court. It is disconcerting that the Supreme Court ruling, which suspended a US$2.01 billion fine on J&F based on such information, was issued by a single justice in a secretive process.

François Valérian, Chair of Transparency International, said:

“J&F’s current conduct in Brazil reveals how impunity can favour a company’s wrongful behaviour, particularly one with a history of grand corruption and serious environmental crimes in the Amazon. The recent suspension of sanctions against J&F in Brazil, a decision based on false allegations and made by a judge in the country’s highest court, is deeply concerning. It raises concerns that J&F’s, and its main enterprise JBS’, rogue behaviour will persist, impacting the rights of people and the environment in Brazil and globally. Brazilian and international authorities, investors and civil society must take decisive action to prevent this. Transparency International will not be intimidated and will remain firmly committed to the fight against corruption in Brazil and worldwide."