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Transparency International Czech Republic launches monitoring of election campaigns

Transparency International Czech Republic has started to monitor the financing of the Senate and local election campaigns in the Czech Republic. It will monitor the transparency of the campaigns of candidates and political parties in 8 major cities and 27 senate districts. Past municipal elections have been accompanied by a number of electoral irregularities, unfairness and even major fraud and similar cases can be expected this year. On the website members of the public can report election fraud and unfairness in all cities and villages. These reports will be processed by Transparency International Czech Republic’s Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre.

Last year nearly half a billion Czech Crowns flowed from party coffers to the media, without any public oversight. Therefore, part of the monitoring will be the mapping of advertising used by election campaigns. With the mobile and web application it will be possible to photograph billboards, posters and other large format advertising and share it on our campaign map with just one click.

The criteria used by Transparency International Czech Republic to measure the transparency of the financing of the Senate and local election campaigns can be found here (in Czech).

Click here to read the full story in Czech.

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Transparency International Czech Republic
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