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Transparency International Chair José Ugaz has never linked Peru’s Keiko Fujimori to drug cartels

Transparency International Chair José Ugaz said a statement attributed to him in a newspaper report this week stating that Keiko Fujimori´s candidacy is the product of the resurgence of Peru´s drug cartels is completely false.

“I did not say this and wish to make the record clear. The mistake arose after the Sunday Times (U.K.) incorrectly paraphrased me in an article on 27 March. Despite our initial request March 30 to the Sunday Times and several follow-up emails, the web version of the story was still not corrected. It appears the newspaper may have attributed the words of another person interviewed in the same story to me.

“The mistake was then repeated by the Congressional Research Service (U.S.) and Peru’s weekly Caretas,” said José Ugaz.

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