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Corrected: Transparency International calls for the protection of staff working with Transparency Maldives

Correction: In the second paragraph of the statement "Transparency International calls for the protection of staff working with Transparency Maldives" please read ... 'in the media', not 'in the state-owned media'. Also in the second paragraph the text should read 'State Minister for Home Affairs and the Registrar of NGOs' and not ‘a senior member of the cabinet'. We regret the errors. A corrected version follows.

Transparency International, the global anti-corruption group, is alarmed by the intimidation and public allegations threatening its chapter Transparency Maldives.

Transparency International is gravely concerned about the safety of chapter staff and volunteers following an attack on one of its volunteers and telephone threats received by chapter members. There appears to be a negative campaign in the media aimed at undermining the effectiveness of Transparency Maldives’ anti-corruption work. Last week the State Minister for Home Affairs and the Registrar of NGOs publicly threatened to close Transparency Maldives down.

During the period before the first round of the presidential elections on 7 September, Transparency Maldives worked to ensure a free and fair vote. Following the results, it called on all parties to act with restraint and uphold the constitution to allow for a run-off election to take place. This had been scheduled for 28 September but has since been postponed due to a Supreme Court injunction. This we understand has heightened political tensions in the islands.

Transparency Maldives has always played an active and constructive role in advocating for government transparency and accountability. We call on the authorities to ensure the safety of its staff and volunteers.

Transparency Maldives is part of the Transparency International anti-corruption movement that includes more than 100 chapters around the world. We are dedicated to countering the negative impact of corruption.


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