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TI-USA urges next administration to operate transparently and with integrity

Transparency International – USA, a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening integrity and combating corruption in the United States and internationally, congratulates Donald J. Trump on his election as next President of the United States.

The campaign is over but the important work of governing is just beginning. Public trust in government has fallen to new lows and we believe that reversing this trend is fundamental. By pledging to operate transparently, the incoming administration can lay the groundwork for rebuilding trust in government and in those who serve. Establishing a transparent administration should be an early and top priority for Presidentelect Trump.

As the transition gets underway, we urge President-elect Trump to limit the role of federal lobbyists in developing his administration’s policy agenda. Establishing strict ethics rules for members of the transition operation is also essential to ensuring integrity as a guiding principle. We believe that the nominating process for appointees should be conducted in a fully transparent manner. Nominees should be required to publicly disclose all campaign contributions and political expenditures they made or bundled.

By requiring nominees to fully disclose, President-elect Trump could establish early on that his administration intends to engage openly and honestly. We strongly support rules to strengthen integrity in government and ask that President-elect Trump hold senior government officials to the highest standards of disclosure. By requiring full and timely disclosure of financial assets and gifts, and by prohibiting undisclosed self-dealing, the incoming administration can make high ethical standards a norm to be replicated at all levels of government.

Throughout the campaign, President-elect Trump spoke about the undue influence of wealthy campaign contributors. TI-USA agrees that our electoral system needs to do more to restore the role of everyday Americans and urges the new administration to take early steps to ensure that big contributors and independent spenders do not receive inappropriate access to our government, elected officials and government decision making.

We urge President-elect Trump to work with Congress to reform our campaign finance system. Transparency as a guiding principle helps to combat corruption, foster integrity and restore trust. Transparency is also a non-partisan principle that deserves bipartisan support. We look forward to working with the new administration to strengthen transparency and integrity and combat corruption in the U.S. and internationally.

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