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TI Ukraine and ANTAC appeal to NAPC for timely launch of E-Asset Declaration System in Ukraine

Transparency International Ukraine and Anti-Corruption Action Centre are welcoming the establishment of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAPC) and are fully supportive of the anti-corruption work it is entitled to perform. We believe the NAPC has all leverages and capacities to be the leading and the most effective corruption prevention body in Ukraine. Fully acknowledging that it is now NAPC Commissioners who are solely responsible for main corruption prevention mechanisms in Ukraine, we do hope for this institution to become operational and efficient, thus building up the very best of credibility.

At the same time each day civil society is growing in its demand for the NAPC main instrument – Electronic Asset Declaration System – to become fully operational. Bearing in mind numerous attempts of former government as well as parliamentary mechanisms aimed at blocking the launch of E-Asset Declaration System, we are strongly encouraging the NAPC Commissioners to launch the system without any delays.

Being deeply engaged in anti-corruption reform and thus well informed of the NAPC capacities within this task, we state with our full awareness that any delays in launch of the System will lead to the inevitable regress of the anti-corruption reform in Ukraine.

Having serious concerns related to the timely launch of the E-Asset Declaration System, we stand strong in our demand to the NAPC Commissioners to launch it no later than July 1, 2016.

At the same time, with this statement we are appealing for the support of the international community in our demands to the NAPC Commissioners regarding the proper and timely launch of the E-Asset Declaration System.

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