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TI Source Book now on Internet

Manual spells out systematic strategies against corruption

The "TI Source Book", a step-by-step guide on how to counter corruption is now available on TI homepage.

Peter Eigen, the chairman of TI, pointed out: "This is an invaluable tool to build controls against corruption by strengthening the integrity system of societies as a whole, rather than focussing on individual laws or institutions in isolation. We are grateful for the support of the Ford Foundation for the creation of this sourcebook."

In 16 chapters the "Source Book" both describes the circumstances under which corruption flourishes and looks at what can be done against it in each sector of society. While Part A of the 114-page document provides the analytical framework, Part B deals with specific strategies against corruption. The roles of civil society, the judiciary, the media, the civil service, the private sector and the government are all assessed in detail there.

A Companion Volume (Part C) also available on TI's homepage accompanies the "Source Book", reproducing the full text of more than 80 key documents from around the world. These texts range from opinion polls on corruption to parliamentary codes of conduct to statements by such international bodies as the OECD or the International Bar Association. What makes the Companion Volume all the more valuable is the fact that most of the texts are what is called "grey literature" hard to get by in public libraries or on databases.

Print versions of the "Source Book" in English are also available from TI at the price of US$50, Arabic, Russian and Spanish versions are in preparation.

The "Source Book" has been dedicated to Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo, chairman of TI's Advisory Council, who is being held in captivity after a secret trial by the Nigerian military regime.

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