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Suspects appear in court for murder of Gustave Makonene of Transparency International Rwanda

Transparency International Rwanda welcomes the start of the legal proceedings

Transparency International Rwanda is happy to know that on 30 December 2014 those suspected to be involved in the murder of Gustave Makonene will appear in court in Rubavu District Intermediate Court.
Three months ago the National police presented to the public two police officers suspected of involvement in Gustave’s murder. The proofs presented by the police revealed that Gustave was aware of the smuggling operation that the two suspects were involved in between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
“This is a good step, and we are happy that in a short time after showing them to the public, these suspects are now appearing in court. We have hope that soon we will know the truth about the death of Gustave,” said Mrs. Marie Immaculée Ingabire, the Chairperson of Transparency International Rwanda.
Mr. Makonene, 33, joined Transparency International Rwanda in 2011 and was working as a coordinator of the Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre in Rubavu at the time of his death in July 2013.
“We are thankful to the tireless efforts put in by the Rwanda justice system to bring the culprits to face justice” said the Executive Director, Transparency International Rwanda Mr. Apollinaire Mupiganyi.
It is now one and a half years since the murder of Gustave Makonene.

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